A private justice platform to help regular people resolve their legal problems.
Public Beta coming September 1, 2021.

How it works

HyperLaw is a private dispute resolution forum, in which a network of neutral attorneys (and/or virtual juries) directly decides cases pursuant to the parties' agreement, in order to help the greatest number of people resolve their legal problems for the lowest cost at the most efficient speed. HyperLaw is not a lawyer referral service; it is a justice delivery platform. This is a viable alternative to JAMS, AAA, and other traditional ADR providers because it eliminates the exorbitant rates while delivering better customer service-- all with a scalable experience tailored by the parties to their particular needs and expectations.

Native Web 2.0 platform

Designed from the ground up for user-friendly interaction and state of the art user experience.

Secure and confidential

Extended Validation SSL certificate and fully encrypted, private communications.

Highly granular options

Case information forms and assessments developed over many years, with numerous options to get you the help you need in resolving your case.

Zoom or in-person proceedings

Trials in our state-of-the-art Trial Laboratory and private justice center in Redwood City, California-- or use Zoom at your option.

Private lawyer network

Access to prominent attorneys and retired judges.

Value without equal

Private justice will cost 60% less and resolve 80% faster than public proceedings.

Submit your case

Case information page coming soon. Pending release of the Public Beta, use this PDF form and someone will contact you within 24 hours.